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Nyack's book store since 1945.


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About Pickwick Book Shop.

Pickwick Book Shop first opened its doors in 1945 and has been owned and operated by Jack Dunnigan since 1975. Jack first visited the bookstore as a young boy at its original location on Main Street. After acquiring the store in 1975 at its current location on South Broadway, Jack has been able to maintain the only lasting local bookstore in the county.

The store is covered in books from floor to ceiling and the shelves are crammed with a seemingly endless number of books. Yet, Jack knows where every title is located. If the store doesn’t have the title you are looking for, the staff at Pickwick will make sure that you have it in your hands the next time you visit the store.

Despite the increasing number of chain bookstores in the county, generations of customers have supported Pickwick for decades. The loyalty of Pickwick’s customers cannot be found anywhere else, due to the dedication to and appreciation for literature of the staff at Pickwick Book Shop.


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